Marine Electric Retrofit

Concerns over the environment have push the discussion of transitioning from diesel engines to renewable electric propulsion to the forefront. Transfluid together with Bellmarine are leading this transition with its wide range of electric propulsion systems that are well suited for retrofitting aging diesel engines in a variety of boats.  For example, a 25-foot boat can be driven with a 15kW water-cooled electric motor. The system weight is only 88kg, 25% of that a traditional diesel engine. Additionally, the motor size is 10% of a diesel engine volume and generates only 1% of the noise and vibration. The propulsion system is powered by a 48-volt battery that is also used to power other electrical demands such as navigation lights, cabin lighting, phone chargers, water pumps and other “hotel” loads. Electrification dramatically increases drive line reliability because electric motors operate with significantly fewer parts, much lower temperatures and without vibration.
Electric propulsion provides the user a quiet and exhaust fume free experience, one that cannot be duplicated by any diesel engine.​


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