Fluid Couplings

Fluid couplings, Variable speed drives, Brakes, Clutches, Power shift Transmissions, Elastic Couplings, Electric Machines and Hybrid Systems: for years these products have been the backbone of [...]

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New Products

Transfluid is always ready to listen to the requirements and trends of the market wants to look to the future, anticipating the challenges that will arise. Transfluid decided to take advantage of the experience acquired by putting together existing technology to realize the technology of the future, relying on the availability of a wide range of power transmission and motion generators, commonly used successfully on other applications.

With these premises Transfluid presents its new projects:

High Speed: Variable Fill Fluid Couplings

TURBO COUPLING – HYDRAULIC COUPLING To meet the energy savings and reliability demands modern industry requires, Transfluid has developed two new variable, high-speed hydraulic couplings: [...]

Industrial Hybrid Transmission: HTV700

INDUSTRIAL HYBRID System The HTV700 industrial hybrid system by TRANSFLUID is made up of the following TRANSFLUID products: SAE multi-disc clutch system, to connect and disconnect the internal [...]

Hybrid Transmission Module: HM

HYBRID System The HM hybrid transmission system series is as simplicity at its best: the system had been designed to be fitted on any combustion engine, as long as it has an SAE standard flywheel [...]

Marine Hybrid Transmission: HTM700

MARINE HYBRID System The TRANSFLUID HTM700 marine hybrid transmission system is made up of the following TRANSFLUID products: SAE multi-disc clutch system, to connect and disconnect the internal [...]

EM: Electric Machine

ELECTRIC MOTOR – ELECTRIC GENERATOR TRANSFLUID manufactures three-phase, permanent magnet, synchronous electric machines (PMSM Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine) with natural convection [...]


MULTI PUMP DRIVE As natural development to TRANSFLUID’s power transmission product range, the TowerClutch power take-off fulfills a growing market demand for a disconnectable, compact dry clutch [...]

Industrial Electric Propulsion System: EPS

ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION The innovative concept of EPS (Electric Propulsion System) consists of the automatic “ Powershift” transmission RANGERMATIC coupled to the permanent magnets electric motor [...]

Marine Electric Propulsion System: EPS

Marine ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION The innovative concept of  the marine EPS (Electric Propulsion System) marine gear box REVERMATIC 11-700 RBD coupled to the electric motor allows you to maximize the [...]

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