The Transfluid hybrid system HM3350 installed in a CARABINIERI PATROL BOAT is showcased at the VENICE BOAT SHOW 2021

The Carabinieri, one of Italy’s four armed forces, was at the 2021 Venice Boat Show enjoying great success displaying their new FSD N800 HY patrol boat.  The production of twenty FSD N800 HY offshore patrol boats has been contracted to Ferretti Security Division.

 The FSD N800 HY is Carabinieri’s first hybrid patrol boat to join the fleet. It is to be deployed to patrol coastal and territorial waters for rescue and security operations. The patrol boats are equipped with a new generation hybrid propulsion system that provides simple to use mode switching from Diesel to Electric and vice versa. The hybrid function guarantees a substantial reduction in emissions and care for the environment.

The patrol boats are 16.75 meters long, with a beam of 4.43 meters and a draft of 1.57 meters. The hulls  are constructed with composite materials consisting of glass and carbon-fiber. They are powered by a Transfluid’s HM3350 parallel hybrid systems, integrated with Transfluid’s PM electric motors and LiFePO4 batteries. The complete system is DNV-GL type approved.

In electric mode the boat can cruise for approximately 1 hour at 7kn and 2 hours at 5kn and has maximum speed 8kn and  in diesel mode 30kn. While in diesel mode complete recharging of the batteries is completed in about 90 minutes.  In addition to saving fuel the electric mode also allows reduces the overall maintenance costs because it reduces the time the diesel engines are operated.

The combination of innovative technology and skillful design, significantly reduces  fuel consumption and is environmental impact thereby safeguarding the marine ecosystem while delivering extraordinary performances.

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