Transfluid-Bellmarine, a world leader in eco-sustainable propulsion for marine and industrial applications, will provide two boats with electric and hybrid propulsion for the European Rowing Championships in Varese April 9-11.

“We are proud that the European Championships hosted on our Lake Varese emphasizes environmental sustainability. Respect for the environment and the elimination pollution is important to us and this is a step in this direction – declares Dino De Simone, Counsellor for the Environment, Wellness and Sport of the Municipality of Varese. We are thankful that a local company has decided to provide a means to make sustainable navigation possible. The attention of a continental event will ensure that this will be known and appreciated by as many people as possible. The next goal we want to achieve is to install stations on the piers of Lake Varese, that allow electric boats to recharge”.
By providing two boats with electric and hybrid propulsion systems Transfluid-Bellmarine is proud to contribute to this important sporting event that highlights our region and lake. Eco-sustainable navigation makes it possible to guarantee greater protection of our lakes, rivers, and seas by offering numerous advantages such as: the absence of noise and vibrations for a silent navigation providing better contact with the surrounding nature, the absence or reduction of exhaust gases with less pollution of the environment, lower energy consumption, and the reduction of heavy wave motion on inland waters. Transfluid has always been sensitive to eco-sustainability issues and is committed to the development new technologies for marine and industrial propulsion. Transfluid-Bellmarine is proud to provide its contribution to European Rowing, a sporting activity that connects with nature, seems to us a good sign for our territory “.​

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