To meet the energy savings and reliability demands modern industry requires, Transfluid has developed two new variable, high-speed hydraulic couplings: the KSL-HS and the KPTB-HS. Capable of input speeds of 3600RPM the HS family of couplings has already found demands in the power, steel, paper, cement, chemical and petrochemical industries. The high-speed products are finding applications in boiler feed pumps, fans, blowers, pumps, compressors.

The features of KSL-HS and KPTB-HS turbo couplings combine a simple design with the high efficiency of a hydraulic coupling to provide an optimal solution for centrifugal machine design.

Variable fill fluid couplings: how the control flow system works

TRANSFLUID’s high-speed hydraulic couplings include a control flow system which:

  • is self-adjusting, since the draining of oil from the calibrated orifices depends on the rotation speed of the outer impeller which is directly connected to the driven machine. This allows the coupling to stabilize its speed in the presence of load variations without the need for corrective actions and “loop” control
  • eliminates the stationary element (the scoop) and hydrodynamic resistance in the working circuit
  • operates in forward and reverse
  • has all key accessories mounted externally, allowing for simple and inexpensive maintenance.

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