The KFBD series Constant Fluid Couplings are used on all industrial equipment driven by internal combustion engines up to 500 kW. By transmitting power through a fluid, they improve overall performance and protect both driving and driven machines.


When you drive through KFBD Constant Fluid Couplings you profit from these Basic Benefits.

1 – Frees engine during heavy starts.
During heavy starts and sudden running load increases, engine lugging is prevented. The Fluid Coupling simply “slip” while it smoothly picks up the load.

2 – Provides smoothly drive
The mechanical connection is eliminated; power and torque are transmitted entirely through the fluid. The result is a smooth, sustained flow of energy minus the shocks and strains which, with mechanical drives, cut equipment life.

3 – Prevents transmission of shock loads
Fluid Couplings protect both driving and driven equipment by smoothing out shock loads and preventing them from striking solid resistance.

4 – Assures damping effects
Torsional vibrations from the engine are drastically dampened by Fluid Coupling, increasing the life of the entire driveline.

5 – Transmits full input torque
The patented Transfluid Circuit design delivers output torque always equal to the input torque. The engine can turn at its max torque-rpm, even when driven is at stall.

6 – High radial load capability
The KFBD hydraulic coupling series has also been designed for applications requiring pulley installation, particularly heavy-duty service.

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