The new O.P.C. Obstacle Proximity Control system is specifically designed for Rangermatic and Revermatic Power Shift Transmission family.

With safety in mind, this unique system offers vehicle manufacturers new anti-collision capabilities. Using distance sensors mounted on the vehicle’s front and rear bumpers, the Obstacle Proximity Control (O.P.C.) interfaces with the power shift transmission providing operator-free, uncompromised speed and brake control.

The O.P.C. Obstacle Proximity Control system mandates automatic extremely low speeds (inching) when the vehicle is close to any object allowing the operator to concentrate on maneuvering and positioning. Several speed limits can be set, to accomplish different speed limit  zones, simply achievable by engaging and disengaging Transmission clutches during inching mode operation. If a collision is imminent, the O.P.C. immediately reacts putting the transmission in neutral and fully engaging the hydraulically operated brake to stop the vehicle and to prevent costly accidents and personal injury.    When used with the multi-speed Rangermatic Transmission the O.P.C. fully controls the gear shifting providing the user the ease of an automatic transmission.

The heart of the system is Transfluid MPCB controller with dedicated and programmable software.  The MPCB has multiple e-stop and e-inch inputs that can be used to slow or stop the vehicle for other functions such as a vacant operator seat or if the machine implement is operating during transportation. Additionally the MPCB provides accountability to the user by recording all O.P.C. events that can be reviewed to determine operator abuse and misuse.


  • Anti-collision and low speed
  • GSE: belt loaders and passenger steps
  • Railway: shunting locomotives
  • Marine: passenger ferries
  • Low speed
  • GSE: tow tractors
  • Railway: underground mine passenger transporters
  • Construction: indoor material handling vehicles
  • Marine: boats for special water spots with limited speed


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