The RANGERMATIC is a multi-speed power shift transmission available in one, two or three speeds forward and one or two speeds reverse. Designed for industrial applications it provides quick and smooth reversing and easy gear selection on the go.

Consisting of a double gear train, actuated by self-contained hydraulic clutches it connects to the engine through a wide range of hydrodynamic single stage torque converters. The torque converter is selected to optimize the driven machines performance.

Additionally it eliminates the mechanical connection between the engine and the driven machine allowing smooth power transfer. The hydraulic clutches are operated by a hydraulic selector, electrically actuated, with built-in a patented “soft shift” device.

The RANGERMATIC is also available for marine application having on input side an RBD elastic coupling instead of torque converter.



The Management system MPCB is a device developed by TRANSFLUID, both in the hardware and software, able to manage the solenoid valves and speed sensors, in order to automate the gear shifting; also it plays the role of diagnostic of the whole TRANSFLUID transmission.

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