Bellmarine’s DriveMaster 20W electrically powering new water taxis in Rotterdam

The first in a series  6 electrically propelled 40-person water taxis was launched on April 9, 2021 in Rotterdam. The Rotterdam City  water taxis are responsible for all passenger water transportation between Rotterdam and Schiedam, the Netherlands.  The water taxis are designed and built by ALUMAX in collaboration with WATERTAXI Rotterdam.
ALUMAX is a renowned boat builder and designer specializing in aluminum boats.  Sure of quality,  ALUMAX has installed Bellmarine products  many years. Remko Germeraad of ALUMAX states: “BELLMARINE has fulfilled the whole package of requirements and also providing all the necessary certificates. ”And he adds:“ The system is of evident quality, easy to install and use ”.
With the required transition to an emission-free water taxi fleet by 2030, the electric water taxis, each equipped with two DriveMaster 20W motors will  allow The City of Rotterdam, The Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Area to meet their environmental goals.​

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