Transfluid introduces the 24KPTO

Transfluid has expanded its KPTO product line for industrial and marine diesel engines. Designed to mount on engines with a SAE 0 or 1 flywheel housings the new 24 KPTO has been designed to meet the market requirements for a unit combining the technical features of a conventional Power Take Off with the performances of a fluid coupling, suitable for engines up to 870 HP @ 2200 RPM.

The 24 KPTO disconnect the engine from the load, providing the following advantages:

  • Unloaded engine warm up
  • Smooth start up, no belt slip
  • Shock and overload protection
  • Torsional vibration dampening
  • High radial load capacity
  • Remote control by electric valve
  • Inexpensive and easy maintenance
  • Longer life thanks to no friction lining

Transfluid’s 24 KPTO is perfect for mill applications that can easily be bogged down from a sudden load on a friction clutch. For example, Transfluid’s partnership with Jones Manufacturing has led to an innovative Tub Grinder where the operator can engage the KTPO at any rpm and not worry about grinding friction disc or the engine stalling.

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