Transfluid introduces the Fluid Coupling + Engine Package

Transfluid and Continental Engines introduces an Industrial Engine Package utilizing Transfluid’s 11SKFE-Fluid Coupling along with Continental Engines Hatz 4H50-Industrial Engine. In this collaboration the Fluid Coupling mounts to a HATZ Engine via a customized oil tight flywheel. A few basic benefits gained by driving thought a Transfluid Coupling are:

  1. A soft start that frees the engine during heavy starts and sudden running load increases, this prevents the engine from stalling simply by the fluid coupling slipping while the engine smoothly picks up the load.
  2. Mechanical connection is eliminated, providing power and torque to be transmitted entirely by the mass and velocity of the fluid. This results in a smooth, sustained flow of power without the shocks and strains and in turn increases the equipment’s life.
  3. Prevents the transmission of shock loads; a fluid coupling protects both the driving and driven equipment by smoothing out shock loads and preventing them from impacting the drive line.
  4. Torsional vibration from the engine is drastically dampened by the Fluid Coupling allowing longer life of entire transmission line.
  5. Transmits full input torque; always delivers output torque equal to input torque, so the engine can operate at maximum torque-rpm, even when the driven equipment is stalled.

The features above are why an OEM would be driven to select an Engine-Fluid Coupling Package, making it easy to own and operate their equipment. Since a Fluid Coupling is such a simple and dependable design, it makes the perfect combination for the rental market, ultimately creating a maintenance free, pre-engineered, and assembled drive line package. Now, daily use and operation become stress-free with less down and repair time, only needing to focus on minimal servicing.

This package is best served but not limited to the following applications: road sweeping machine, blower, woodchipper, stone crusher, shredder, grinder, frost fans/wind machines, orchard sprayers, and any fan driven equipment.

About Transfluid

Driven by 65 years of industrial transmission manufacturing experience, backed by 5 subsidiaries and more than 50 distributors worldwide Transfluid has always been a point of reference in the world of industrial transmission equipment.


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