Transfluid introduces the SPD12

Transfluid has expanded its Stelladrive product line for industrial and marine diesel engines. Designed to mount on engines with a SAE 3 or 4 flywheel housings the new Stelladrive SPD12 provides two SAE B-2 bolt pump pads on a single head and a duplicated SAE 3 or 4 flywheel housing and flywheel on the SPD’s main output.

The SPD12 provides powerful hydraulic power to engines with limited hydraulic capacity while maintaining a flywheel and flywheel housing to drive implements such as a transmission or an industrial clutch. The SPD12 is suitable for engines up to 630 ft-lb with hydraulic demands up to 175HP at 3000RPM.

Other key options available for the SPD12 are SAE B-2 bolt hydraulically applied clutches for the pump heads and oil/air operated PTO’s, power shift transmissions or single pump drives for the main output.

The Stelladrive family has found uses in tracked vehicles, oil field rigs, boring machines, as well as a large variety of other engine drive machines.  The Stelladrive family is available SAE #5 to SAE #0 for engines up to 4647 ft-lb.

About Transfluid

Driven by 65 years of industrial transmission manufacturing experience, backed by 5 subsidiaries and more than 50 distributors worldwide Transfluid has always been a point of reference in the world of industrial transmission equipment.

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