Medium-Heavy Industry

Medium-Heavy Industry

Medium-Heavy Industry

Medium-Heavy Industry

Transmissions for the Medium-Heavy industry

The quality of Transfluid transmissions and systems for the industrial sector in its countless forms is worldwide renowned. Since its foundation, the brand has provided the sector’s specialists with a wide range of solutions for the performance of centrifugal pumps, compressors, debarking drums, dryers, fans and blowers, mills, mixers, pulpers, special applications, volumetric pumps and industrial machinery in general. Select the products that best suit your need and contact us for further advice.

TPO-TPH: Clutch & Power Take-Off

ENGAGEMENT – TPO AIR CLUTCHES TPO air clutches are powerful and reliable components, the technical development of which has been achieved with years of experience in transmissions. Their [...]

MFO: Clutch & Power Take-Off

ENGAGEMENT The MFO mechanical power take-off consists of a lever-actuated clutch with a shaft and bearings mounted in a rigid cast housing. It is designed for in-line and sideload applications [...]

HFO-HFR: Clutch & Power Take-Off

ENGAGEMENT TRANSFLUID has developed the HFO-HFR clutches to meet the growing market demand for power take-offs for high speed, high horsepower industrial engines, and remote-control operation. [...]


FLUID COUPLING WITH CLUTCH A Clutch and soft transmission combined. The best of Transfluid’s technology and experience for fluid couplings with a clutch. With the HF + KSD or KRU it is possible [...]

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