Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Transmissions for the Oil & Gas industry

Transfluid’s extensive experience in the manufacturing of industrial transmissions is reflected in its wide range of equipment and components for the Oil & Gas industry. In this section, you will find the range of Transfluid products dedicated to this sector: centrifuges, centrifugal pumps, compressors, motor pump groups, pump sets, fans and blowers, and fire-fighting pumps. The company’s team is always available to provide its advice whenever necessary.

TPO-TPH: Clutch & Power Take-Off

TPO TPO air clutches are very strong and reliable components, the technical development of which has been achieved with a few dozen years experience in the field of transmissions. Their range of [...]

MFO: Clutch & Power Take-Off

The MFO mechanical power take-off consists of a lever actuated clutch with a shaft and bearings mounted in a rigid cast housing. It is designed for inline and sideload applications for internal [...]

HFO-HFR: Clutch & Power Take-Off

The HFO-HFR clutches have been developed by TRANSFLUID to meet the growing market demand for power take offs for high speed, high horsepower industrial engines and having remote control [...]


Clutchable and soft trasmission at one time. The best of Transfluid’s technology and experience. With the HF + KSD or KRU it is possible to transmit the power through a remotely actuated dry [...]

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