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Building & Construction

Building & Construction

Building & Construction

Transmissions for the Building & Construction industry

The Building & Construction industry is an especially complex and articulated sectors, and therefore requires a very wide range of industrial transmissions and related components characterized by versatility, sturdiness, performance and durability. Transfluid provides the industry’s specialists with a range of complete solutions for concrete machinery, conveyor belts, crushers, earthmoving machines, excavators, grinders, mills, mixers, road compactors, road milling machines, recycling machinery, road sweepers, shredders, wood chippers and ski lifts.

SU: Clutch & Power Take-Off

SU unit is a self standing P.T.O. featuring an input shaft with radial load capability and SAE4-10″, SAE3-11 1/2nd”, SAE1-14″ standard output. Its design allows the installation [...]


The SPD is an innovative modular pump drive designed to be mounted on industrial engines with SAE flywheels and housings. The input is a rugged Rubber Block Drive flywheel oupling. This elastic [...]

SRBD: Pump Drives

SRBD SINGLE PUMP DRIVE  The Single pump drive is a whole that includes all the components  to connect a Diesel engine to a Pump. Components are: RBD coupling QD bushing (machined) SAE housing [...]

EM: Electric Machine

TRANSFLUID manufactures for its hybrid modules three-phase, permanent magnet, synchronous electric machines (PMSM Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine) with natural convection air cooling. This [...]

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