Developed to fit where other transmission manufactures left off, Transfluid produces two series of compact power shift transmission for engines operating at less than 125HP.

The Revermatic is a power shuttle transmission designed specifically for industrial applications. This robust transmission uses a hydraulically operated clutch to provide quick and soft direction reversing. The transmission connects to the engine flywheel with a torque converter and direction selection is controlled by an electrically actuated hydraulic selector integrated with a “soft shift device”.  The standard input for the Revermatic is SAE #4 or #3 housing with a 10” flywheel.  The Revermatic has found uses in a variety of industrial applications like shunting locomotives and burden carriers.

The Rangermatic is a powerful, compact powershift transmission that is available in two or three speed versions and is equipped with a single stage torque convertor and input housing to accept a SAE #4 or #3 -10” engine.  The transmission consists of a double gear train actuated by self-contained hydraulic clutches.   Application for the Rangermatic includes specialty vehicles, airports ground support equipment, construction machinery and small railroad equipment and mining machinery.

Both transmissions can be equipped with two- or four-wheel drive drop boxes, hydraulically operated parking bakes and pump PTO drives.  The transmissions are supplied with or without a shifter and come in a manual or automatic version.

About Transfluid

Driven by 65 years of industrial transmission manufacturing experience and backed by 5 subsidiaries and more than 50 distributors worldwide Transfluid has always been a point of reference in the world of industrial transmission equipment.

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