Eco-friendly boat with electric Bellmarine propulsion

The association ITS asd., which relocated in 2021 to the Molo della Madonnina in Viareggio, and under the direction of Captain Marco Rossato and his faithful furry squire Muttley, began sailing for people with motor disabilities in April with 58 sailors.

The Tornavento, a 9.50-meter ship that can be boarded and maneuvered independently by people with disabilities, was completely rebuilt over the last three years with the assistance of the start-up company MADEIT4A Srl from Viareggio. Captain Rossato said “we installed a gangway that allows easy boarding, as well as a lift platform that provide access below deck. We thank BELLMARINE-TRANSFLUID from Gallarate Italy, who provided us with a powerful electric propulsion motor that is guaranteed to have no impact on the environment. The BELLMARINE-TRANSFLUID​ solution, with a 15kW liquid-cooled electric motor, allows silent, environmentally friendly, comfortable navigation.

We are currently working to ensure that other ships and other ports also offer everyone the opportunity to experience the sea in freedom, autonomy, safety, and ease. The first project next year will be to call at almost all the ports of the Marine della Toscana consortium with this boat, to show that sailing is possible and easy for everyone”.

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